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Headquarters:Shenzhen Phoenix Telecom Technology Co.,Ltd.
  • ADD:Bldg 3#,Runheng Industrial Park,West of Fuyuan 1st Road,Fuyong Street,Baoan District,Shenzhen,Guangdong,China
  • Mode of transport:Take bus M515 to Fuying Second Industrial Zone station, walk 50 meters to; Take Metro Line 12 or Line 20 to Exhibition North, take bus M515 to Fuying Second Industrial Zone Station and walk 50 meters
  • Zip code:518052
  • TEL:0755-86060269
  • FAX:0755-86060601
  • Service mailbox:sales01@phoenixcompany.cn
  • Complaint mailbox:flks@phoenixcompany.cn
  • Investor relations email:IR@phoenixcompany.cn
Zhejiang Phoenix Telecom Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Office Address:Building F, No. 1038, 1040 Haining High-tech Industrial Park,
  •   Changan Town, Haining City, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province
  • Customer service hotline:0573-87970889
  • Office Phone:0573-87970889
  • Recruitment call:0573-87970187
  • Postal Code:314408
WuHan Phoenix Telecom Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Office Address:Haomai Photoelectric R & D Building, No.11 Wudayuan Road,
  • Wuda Science and Technology Park, East Lake New Technology Development
  • Zone, Wuhan
  • Customer service hotline:0573-87970889
  • Office Phone:027-81808099
  • Recruitment call:027-81808099
  • Postal Code:430079
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