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Provide terminal solutions for intelligent management systems for passenger and commercial vehicles. Provide competitive products in the field of automotive data security, such as automotive local area networks and central domain intelligent gateways. We have a professional service support team that provides comprehensive services to partners in ecological fields such as Internet of Vehicles security middleware, compliance consulting and technical services, and cloud SaaS solutions.
  • Automotive gateway
  • Central service gateway
    The central service gateway has the functions of multi-channel CAN, LIN routing and
    forwarding, network management, diagnosis service and so on. At the same time, it
    provides 100 megabit automotive Ethernet interface, GPS+BD dual-mode positioning,
    4G communication, which meets the national six standard GB 17691-2018&2020
    Automobile gateway information security technical requirements:
    ·7-way CAN/CANFD; ·One 100BASE-T1 Ethernet port;
    · 4-way high-low confifigurable input switch quantity detection;
    ·4 high and low confifigurable switching output;
    ·GPS+BD dual mode positioning;
    ·Audio input and output functions;
    ·Support Bluetooth BLE control (extensible);
    ·Support WiFi communication (extensible);
    ·2-way LIN; ·4G communication module;
  • Automotive 4G-TBOX

    FreeRTOS/Linux embedded operating system, equipped with high-performance vehicle scale processor, to meet the reliability, operating temperature and anti-interference and other stringent requirements of vehicle application environment. The product is based on wireless communication, GNSS satellite positioning, acceleration sensor, CAN communication and other integrated functions to expand the application.


    Product features and highlights


    Comply with GB/T 32960, HJ 1239-2021 and other standards

    Support precision positioning services

    Vehicle-level MCU+MPU, reliable, stable, easy to expand, ultra-low power consumption

    Hardware security encryption, independent encryption algorithm

    Remote fault diagnosis and driving data acquisition and analysis

    Support OTA upgrade: T-BOX and full vehicle ECU write

    Extensible vehicle gateway function

  • Central secure Ethernet gateway

    The central security Ethernet gateway has the functions of multi-channel CAN, LIN routing and forwarding, network management, diagnosis service and so on.

    Provide multi-channel 100 megabit automotive Ethernet interface to meet the requirements of national six standards;

    & Technical requirements for vehicle gateway information security in 2020 edition;

    The hardware configuration is as follows:

    8-way CAN/CANFD;

    2-way LIN;

    One hundred gigabit diagnostic Ethernet interface;

    Three 1000BASE-T1 Ethernet interfaces + three 100BASE-TX Ethernet interfaces;

    5-way high-low configurable input switch quantity detection;

    3 analog switch input detection;

    1 way high side drive control output;

  • Base gateway
    Basic gateway with multiple CAN, LIN routing and forwarding, network management,
    diagnostic services and other functions Hardware confifiguration:
    ·6 ways CAN;
    ·4-way high-low confifigurable input switch quantity detection;
    ·2-way LIN;
    ·2 high effffective switching output +2 low effffective switching output;
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