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The development prospect of Ethernet industrial switch market is broad
2023-08-17Author:Administration division

    Relevant research report public data show that in 2022, China's industrial Ethernet switch market size reached 4.76 billion yuan (RMB), and the global industrial Ethernet switch market size reached 18.515 billion yuan. Combined with historical trends and development environment and other factors, 2023 industrial switch market prospects, potential, market capacity, rising space are very huge, by 2028, the global industrial Ethernet switch market size is expected to reach 27.87 billion yuan.


    Industrial switches are a special kind of switches for ordinary switches, which are generally suitable for industrial environments with complex and changeable environments, such as uncontrollable temperature (no air conditioning, no shade environment), dust, rain risk, poor installation conditions, poor power supply environment, etc.


    The industrial Ethernet switch industry can be subdivided into 4 ports, 6 ports, 8 ports, 16 ports, and 24 ports according to the product type. From the end application point of view, industrial Ethernet switches can be used in manufacturing, aerospace and defense, power, oil and gas, automotive and transportation and other fields.


    In terms of application scenarios, industrial switches are mainly used in power automation, factory automation, coal mine automation, rail transit, wind power, metallurgy, building automatic control system, hydropower station control automation, environmental monitoring, petroleum and petrochemical industrial automatic control places. As far as the domestic application market is concerned, power and rail transit are the key application areas of industrial switches, and data show that they currently account for about 70% of the domestic market.


    In recent years, with the rapid integration of information technology such as big data, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things, new development opportunities have been brought to the development of industrial switches. At the same time, the state is also continuously introducing various encouragement and support measures in policy, such as "Internet +", industry 4.0 and new infrastructure, etc., to promote the high-quality development of industrial switches.


    With the continuous expansion and diversification of the industrial field, the future industrial switch market will show a diversified trend. In addition to the traditional field of industrial automation, industries such as medical, agriculture, power and oil will also become potential markets for industrial switches. With the continuous advancement of industrial automation process and the continuous extension of industrial Ethernet technology application, industrial switches will usher in greater development space. 2023 is a year worth looking forward to, the traditional head switch companies will continue to release heavyweight industrial Ethernet switch new products to meet the ever-changing needs of the market diversity of iterative needs.

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