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Customized development

Our company has a research and development team of nearly 300 people, and currently, it can fully accommodate customized requirements from hardware solution evaluation to hardware design implementation for its clients. Our product development covers various communication products, including in-vehicle and network product solutions.

  • R&D strength

    We have expertise in hardware and software development, structural and industrial design, as well as signal and thermal simulation.

    ·Our testing capabilities include signal quality and environmental reliability testing , covering both single-board and complete machine solutions.

    ·We have a dedicated failure analysis laboratory for device-level analysis.

  • Project management

    FLINES has assigned a professional team to each project to ensure timely and high-quality delivery.

    FLINES follows the Integrated Product Development (IPD) management process: it utilizes the Research and Development Management System (RDM) to digitally manage project progress and deliverables.

    Enter the project plan according to the templates of each IPD milestone, and assign responsible personnel and corresponding deliverables for each project plan milestone.

  • Pursuing innovation

    As a high-tech enterprise, FLINES regards innovation as the cornerstone of its development. The company currently holds multiple invention patents. By continuously conducting research and development, we introduce more advanced, efficient, and reliable products, aiming to enhance and perfect our product portfolio.
    FLINES can provide customers with top-quality products and services. By maintaining close connections with global leading operators and communication equipment suppliers, FLINES can keenly capture market demands, swiftly grasp product trends, and promptly meet customers' personalized requirements

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